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English Language Arts English Language Arts
Common Core Language Arts Standards
Our English Language Arts curriculum is based on the new Common Core Standards, national standards which New York has adopted. Lyme Central has adopted the New York State English Language Arts curriculum, which consists of:
Listening and Learning Strand Skills Strand Guided Reading and Accountable Independent Reading (GRAIR)
The Listening and Learning Strand consists of a series of read?alouds organized by topics (called domains), many of which are informational in nature. The goal of the Listening and Learning Strand is for students to acquire language competence through listening, specifically building a rich vocabulary, and broad knowledge in history and science by being exposed to carefully selected, sequenced, and coherent read?alouds. The Skills Strand teaches the mechanics of reading–students are taught systematic and explicit phonics instruction as their primary tool for decoding written English. By the end of grade 2, students have learned all of the sound?spelling correspondences in the English language and are able to decode written material they encounter. In addition to phonics, students also are taught spelling, grammar, and writing during the Skills Strand. GRAIR is additional literacy time within the school day where teachers can work with students in developmentally appropriate groupings to meet their individual needs. This is an opportunity for the favorite traditional read aloud, literacy based centers, and immersion in text, where teachers can facilitate student choice from existing leveled libraries based on interest, availability, and readability. The purpose of this time is to build independent, interested, and capable readers.

More information and the entire curriculum are online here:


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