• Suggested activities for Grades 1,2 and 3


    I hope everyone is trying to stay active for at least 60 minutes a day. Here are some activity suggestions.  Be creative!  

    Locomotor skills:  Walk, jog, skip, gallop, jump (two feet), hop (one foot)

    Animal walks:  bear, crab, alligator, seal, snake, frog, penguin, kangaroo, etc.

    Exercises or fitness stations:  jumping jacks, toe touches, crab kicks, push up bridge, sit ups, lunges, arm circles

    Playground activities: swing, climb, balance, slide, etc. 

    Outdoor Activities:  Bike, hula hoop, jump rope, hopscotch, fly a kite

    Any sport:  throw and catch, shoot baskets, kick a ball, batting, etc.

    Tag games:  super hero tag, stuck in the mud, freeze tag, toilet tag, wild horses, hide and seek

    Create an obstacle course:  over, under, around, through, balance, etc.

    Just Dance, Wii Fit, dance party

    Playing with or walking a pet 

    GoNoodle.com is a great resource for dance, exercise and movement in a small area.

    Stay active, be safe, be kind, and Have fun!!!