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    Fun Summer Ideas For Families

    (All within a few hours of Lyme)


    ____ Visit the Minna Anthony Common Nature Center at Wellesley Island State Park

    ____ Visit the Textile and Handweaving Museum in Clayton

    ____ Attend the summer reading program at the Lyme Free Library       

    ____ Watch ships on the St. Lawrence Seaway at Clayton or Cape Vincent

    ____ Go to the Herkimer “Diamond” Mines            

    ____ Write on the sidewalk with chalk

    ____ Take a walk on Lyme Lane                    

    ____ Visit the Museum of Play in Rochester

    ____ Walk the Chaumont Barrens Nature Conservancy park        

    ____ Go to a concert on the Sackets Harbor battlefield

    ____ Go swimming at the Chaumont Beach            

    ____ Fly a kite on a breezy day

    ____ Go to Big Sandy Bay Provincial Park on Wolfe Island          

    ____ Go to a War of 1812 re-enactment at Cape Vincent or Sackets Harbor

    ____ Visit the Sackets Harbor Battlefield museum    

    ____ Wash your car with sponges and soapy water

    ____ Drive across the Thousand Islands Bridge       

    ____ Make a newspaper hat

    ____ Make cookies for your neighbors               

    ____ Make root beer floats

    ____ Play Go Fish                                  

    ____ Make a blanket fort

    ____ Visit the Lyme Library                         

    ____ Have a lemonade stand

    ____ Visit Old Fort Henry in Kingston                

    ____ Play balloon volleyball inside

    ____ Visit the Jefferson County Historical Society in Watertown           

    ____ Visit Upper Canada Village in Morrisburg, Ontario

    ____ Get ice cream at Wimpy’s Station, Jack’s Diner, or the Duck Out       

    ____ Go to the French Festival parade in Cape Vincent

    ____ Look through old photo albums                 

    ____ Have a water balloon fight

    ____ Visit Fort Oswego                             

    ____ Go to the zoo (Watertown or Syracuse)

    ____ Turn over rocks in your yard and look for salamanders underneath          

    ____ Make a homemade slip-n-slide from a sheet of plastic

    ____ Go swimming at Westcott’s Beach              

    ____ Play Candy Land

    ____ Visit Black Pond Wildlife Management Area      

    ____ Make a paper bag puppet

    ____ Walk the Black River Trail                    

    ____ Make a fort from a big cardboard box

    ____ Visit the Stone Mills Agricultural Museum        

    ____ Color in a coloring book

    ____ Take the two ferries from Cape Vincent to Wolfe Island to Kingston        

    ____ Go horseback riding (some local farms offer trail rides)

    ____ Ride bikes down Independence Point Road       

    ____ Go to the school playground

    ____ Catch a show at the Clayton Opera House      

    ____ Learn how to tie your shoes

    ____ Go fishing off the docks at Three Mile Bay    

    ____ Visit the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa

    ____ Take a boat tour of the Thousand Islands     

    ____ Make a robot costume out of a cardboard box

    ____ Play tennis at the Chaumont courts or the Cape Vincent Recreation Center courts

    ____ Watch your bird feeders and count the different birds you see

    ____ Invite a friend over to play                    

    ____ Climb Mount Jo in Elba

    ____ Visit the Cape Vincent Fishery                  

    ____ Find a fossil in a rock

    ____ Make oobleck (1 part cornstarch to 1 part water)      

    ____ Make a sock puppet out of one of Dad’s old socks

    ____ Put bird seed in the bird feeder                 

    ____ Play Frisbee

    ____ Pick wildflowers and arrange them in a vase on your table            

    ____ Visit the Tibbett’s Point lighthouse in Cape Vincent

    ____ Visit the Wild Center at Tupper Lake            

    ____ Climb Mount Arab in Piercefield

    ____ Play baseball                                   

    ____ Tie dye old white t-shirts

    ____ Make s’mores                                  

    ____ Go bowling

    ____ Visit the DEC trails in Adams                    

    ____ Make a cereal necklace

    ____ Visit the Museum of Science and Technology (MOST) in Syracuse

    ____ Read a chapter book together                  

    ____ On a rainy day – let the kids take the digital camera or camcorder and take pictures/videos around the house.

    ____ Invite your grandparents over for a tea party or to play catch             

    ____ Hike the trails at the Grand Lake Reserve on Burns Road in Redwood

    ____ Visit the Sci-Tech Center in Watertown          

    ____ Go to a drive-in movie

    ____ Visit the H. Lee White Marine Museum in Oswego        

    ____ Go to Wanakena and walk the Cat Mountain trail

    ____ Catch fire flies in a jar                        

    ____ Walk the Calcium Trail in Calcium

    ____ Go to Boldt Castle on Heart Island             

    ____ Visit the Cape Vincent playground

    ____ Play soccer (We have at least 3 great fields in town)        

    ____ Go to Flower Memorial Library in Watertown

    ____ Take a hike around Whetstone Gulph in Martinsburg           

    ____ Visit the Antique Boat Museum at Clayton and take a ride in a dory

    ____ Take sailing lessons at the Crescent Yacht Club       

    ____ Eat watermelon and have a seed spitting contest

    ____ Stargaze and find the Big Dipper                

    ____ Go canoeing

    ____ Go to the Clayton wooden playground           

    ____ Go berry picking in Adams

    ____ Have a race                                   

    ____ Walk the Zenda Farm trail in Clayton

    ____ Visit one of the farms on the Thousand Islands Agricultural Tour            

    ____ Go swimming at the Clayton village pool

    ____ Go to Old McDonald’s Farm in Sackets           

    ____ Sleep in a tent

    ____ Plant flowers in your yard                      

    ____ Clean out old toys to donate

    ____ Weed the garden or flower beds together       

    ____ Have a picnic in your backyard

    ____ Paint a picture