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    Welcome to my homepage.  Within my pages, you will find course schedules, homework assignments, and class information.  Help yourselves and enjoy!


    Message from Mr. Perkins during COVID-19 Hiatus:

    Hello Parents. During this time period, I am trying my utmost to accommodate you and your children to provide them with learning materials.  All of my class materials are located in your student's Google Classroom Page.  While the material here is enough to guide them through the material of the class, here are some supplemental resources to help your students as well. Thanks


    For files and materials from my Google classroom site please click the link below.  You will need to sign in with your Google ID: 
    Engage NY Social Studies Framework.  The latest curriculum from NYSED: 
    Crash Course. A helpful tutorial in EVERYTHING, summed up in about 10-15 minutes:
    TED-ED.  A great resource from everything on basic explanations to discourse in why and how the world is the way it is:
    Teaching American History.  A great primary source database with online lesson plans:
    Stanford History Education Group.  Another great primary resource with online lesson plans: 
    University of Houston Digital History.  A great online textbook of US History:
    US History.  A great online textbook of US History, Ancient Civilizations, and Global Studies.  Just click the links under "Online Textbooks":