• March 2020- During the time we are away from school and each other, many different resources are available to families to help until we are back in school.  I will try and include those I find that I think are particulary helpful and available:

    https://stories.audible.com/start-listen    From Amazon-a way for students to hear what they are reading, says it has lots of mateirals and may even have textbooks and best of all is free for now.

    https://tinyurl.com/yd87nwb2   A printable booklet with ideas for kids/families to help pass the time or if they need something to do.

    Here are some websites I find very helpful when looking for general review material and especially Regents review materials.



    Really good site for ALL kinds of math materials and review based on past Regents but does have video teaching elements as well.



    This site has many jeopardy games here from other teachers that helps review specific science and social studies material.  Just click find a game and then type in the topic in the search box and click Search Now.  Just be aware that there is some non-academic games here too with not school appropriate material so I don't let students just play around and they can't access the site from their Chromebooks for that reason.


    Site with many old Regents exams available for students to review and practice questions.

    New York State Department of Education website with lots of information about Common Core, standards, teacher evaluations, and even tips for parents!