• School Supplies
    This year no school supplies will be shared, so each family is responsible for providing their own child’s materials.  Please send your child with the following on the first day of school:
    ·             2 boxes of sharpened pencils
    ·             Scissors (last year’s will do)
    ·             A box of Crayons
    ·             5 glue sticks
    ·             1 box of cap erasers
    ·             5 bar erasers
    ·             Crayon box big enough to hold the supplies above
    ·             A personal box of tissues (not to be shared with others)
    ·             A personal bottle of hand sanitizer (not to be shared)
    ·             Headphones for the computer (please put them in a zip-lock bag labeled with your child’s name)
    ·             An extra set of clothes labeled in a bag- socks, underwear, shirt and pants (these will remain in the room for the year in case of any            spills or other accidents) 
    ·            Every day the children should bring their Chromebook back to school fully charged
    Please note that some of the supplies may need to be replenished mid-year!
    In addition to school supplies, your son or daughter will need:
    ·             A backpack that is carried on the back (no drag-behind wheeled bags).    Please write your child's name on his or her backpack. 
    ·             A water bottle.  Please write your child's name on his or her water bottle. (This will be sent home each evening to be washed out.)