•          Homework is an extremely important aspect of your child's schooling.  Homework allows your child to get the additional repetitions that will allow the skills we are focusing on to become automatic.  Developing a routine at home is essential for your child's success.  Doing homework at the same time every night will aide your child in developing this routine, and in turn make them more responsible for their learning.  

            Please do your best to keep up with the assignments so you don't feel overwhelmed toward the end of the week.


    Monday-  5/25/20      Happy Memorial Day

    Tuesday- 5/26/20       ELA- Readworks passage day 1 and 2 (read, reread, annotate- Remember from class that nicknaming each paragraph helps when you look back to                                              find your answer.)                         

                                      Math- I-Ready Math (30 minutes)

                                             -Practice your multiplication flash cards

    Wednesday-5/27/20      ELA- I-Ready Reading  (30 minutes)

                                            -Typing Club (10 minutes)

                                            -Readworks Passage day 3 (Mutiple Choice Questions, Make sure to look up your answers in the reading!)

                                       Math- Practice your flash cards

    Thursday-5/28/20          ELA- Readworks Passage day 4 (Written response questions in the CEEI format)

                                                    C-  Claim-  Turn the question around into a statement.

                                                    E-  Evidence-  Provide text-based evidence to support your claim.

                                                    E-  Explanation-   Explainthe connection between the evidence and your claim.  More details can be added.

                                                    I-  Interpretation-  This is your conclusion or "wrap-up"

                                          Math-  I-Ready Math (15 minutes)

                                               -Zearn (Complete 1-2 lessons)

    Friday-5/29/20               ELA-  Revise your written response answers and submit your Readworks passage "Fossils and Dinosaurs-Meat Eaters" online. 

                                                     (This means read them over and be sure you answered the question that has been asked)

                                         Math-   SUMDOG (30 minutes)

                                         Please have your minutes for I-Ready, your 2 lessons from Zearn, and your REFLEX green lights.