• ELEMENTARY ART (grades PK-5)


    Elementary art classes meet once in a six day cycle.  Students keep all their projects in a portfolio throughout the school year.  Look for the portfolios to come home after the last art class in June. 





    When does my child have art?

    Elementary Art Schedule

    Mrs. Stumpf's Kindergarten- Day 6

    Mrs. Brennen's 1st Grade- Day 1

    Mrs. Malone's 1st Grade- Day 2

    Mrs. McClusky's 2nd Grade- Day 5

    Mrs. Blake's 3rd Grade- Day 2
    Mr. Heath's 3rd Grade- Day 3
    Mrs. Perkins's 4th Grade- Day 4
    Mrs. Ditch's 5th Grade- Day 5
    Mrs. Doney's 5th Grade- Day 1




    If at anytime you would like to see the work your child is doing in art class, please stop by the art room.  I enjoy having visitors!