• 7th Grade Science

    Goodhart (2020)





    What is 7th grade Science


    7th grade Science is a science course that is designed to prepare the students for future science courses they will be expected to complete. This science course is designed to prepare the student so they can be successful in Living Environment, Chemistry, Physics and/or Environmental Science.


    This course is specifically designed to prepare students for their future Science courses here at Lyme Central School District. In this course students will learn basic science skills, Human Biology, Cells & Heredity, Motion & Forces & Energy, Chemical Interactions and the Water Cycle.



    How you are graded




    - Homework and Class-work


    - Laboratory


    - Quizzes and Notebook Checks (Most quizzes are open notebook)


    - TE (Teacher Evaluation) Participation and General Expectations


    This is a total point(s) possible grading scale. Points possible divided by points accumulated.


    *Subject to change at the teachers discretion in combination with written and/or verbal warnings ahead of time.



    General Expectations


    1. Show respect for yourself, your peers, and all faculty.

    2. Follow all safety precautions during lab.

    3. Be prepared for class (arrive on time with necessary materials).

    4. Maintain a positive attitude.

    5. Keep our room neat and clean. Be responsible and organized.

    6. Pay attention in class.

    7. Participate in lecture discussions, class activities, and lab experiments.

    8. Ask questions when you do not understand.

    9. If you’re absent, it’s your responsibility to make up missed work.

    10. Leave cell phones, MP3 players, etc. in your locker.


    Required For Class


    - Notebook

    - Pens and pencils

    - Positive attitude

    - Work Ethic


    Contact Information


    If for some reason, you are unsure about your academic standing, ask me. I will

    answer all questions, to the best of my ability. I will strive to make our class as fun and interesting as possible by incorporating hands on activities and real world examples. I am looking forward to another great year of teaching!


    Teacher: Brenton Goodhart          

    School Phone: 315-649-2417

    Email: bgoodhart@lymcsd.org