• By the end of 2nd grade...


    ELA: By the end of 2nd grade...

    • Read fluently to support comprehension.     ~90-100 words per minute
    • F & P reading level: between M-N
    • After reading, ask and answer questions such as who, where, when, why, and how to demonstrate understanding of key details in a text.
    • Describe how characters respond to major events and challenges.
    • Retell the details of a text in their own words, using beginning, middle, and end.
    • Know and apply spelling patterns.
    • Write opinion, informative and narrative pieces.
    • Focus on a topic and strengthen writing by revising and editing.

    Read at Home

         When you hit a tricky word:

    Before telling your child what the word is, ask some key questions:

    • Look at the pictures, any clues?
    • Are there any parts of the word you recognize?
    • What is a word that starts with that beginning sound and would make sense?
    • What word would make sense?

          Create a purpose for your child's reading:

         1. Ask your child questions that require reading to answer.

         2. Make predictions about the book.

         3. Before reading, discuss an activity he/she can do after reading the book. (Draw your favorite scene or favorite character.  Compare this book to another book or character.  This will help them focus on the details of the story.

                         *Without a purpose a child loses focus more easily.


    • After reading a story, ask your child to tell about the main characters.
    •  Ask what story details helped your child understand each character.
    •  Ask about setting with questions such as: Where does the story take place?
    •  Ask your child to retell the events in order.  On index cards, create picture cards illustrating scenes from the story and have your child put the events in order.
    •  As you read together, ask questions such as"How is this character like (or different from) the one we read about in the last book?"  Finding similarities and differences helps to show understanding of the stories read.

          Write at Home:

         Provide authentic writing opportunities.  Help children make the connection between writing and the "real" world will increase an interest in writing.

    Reflective journals

    Write thank you notes

    Letters to family members

    Grocery list

    Pen pals


    •  Each week we have a spelling list with a specific phonics skill.  Your child must be able to spell not only the words on the test, but other words with the same phonics pattern.
    • It is important that your child learn the skill and apply this skill to his/her writing throughout the school year.




         MATH Skills:  By the end of 2nd grade...

    • Know all the sums of one-digit numbers from memory.
    • Add and subtract three-digit and two digit numbers quickly and accurately using paper and pencil. (e.g., 873-257 or 78 + 23)
    • Quickly and accurately add and subtract within the sum of 20 or less. (e.g., 11 +8 or 16-9)
    • Understand that three digits or a three digit number represents amounts of hundreds, tens, and ones. (e.g., 706= 7 hundreds, 0 tens, and 6 ones)
    • Count within 1000; skip count by 2, 5, 10, and 100
    • Measure and estimate lengths in standard units and relate addition and subtraction to length.
    • Identify shapes and their attributes.