• Parent Tips for Reading with your Child


    Before Reading


    -Read the title of the book and look at the cover together, ask “What do you think this story will be about?”


    -Flip through the pages and discuss together, ask child what they think may happen next and talk about what they see in the pictures, who the characters are, where the story is taking place etc…


    -Praise your child for attempting to make predictions form the pictures.


    -Comment on how interested you are to see what happens in the story.


    While Reading

    Reading to Child:

    -Make sure your child can see the pictures.


    -Use plenty of expression, reading in a natural speaking voice.


    -Encourage the child to predict what will happen next as the story develops.


    -As you read, point to each word sliding your finger along the text.




    Reading with Child:

    -Begin reading the story to your child as a speed your child is comfortable with.


    -As you read, your child will begin to pick up the pattern of the story and read with you.  Encourage your child to point to each word, sliding a finger from word to word.


    -When your child comes to a difficult word, ask: “Look at the picture.   What word would make sense?” “Look at the beginning letter of the word.  What word would make sense and begin with that sound?” “Try reading that whole sentence again and see if you can think of a word that makes sense.”  Do NOT tell the child to sound the word out, if too much time is spent on one word, it may hamper their efforts to understand the story.


    Reading by Child:

    -Your child may need you to introduce the pattern of the story by reading aloud initially.


    -Once your child feels comfortable reading enjoy listening to the story being read.


    After Reading


    -Talk about the story: “Were there any surprise?” “What did each of you like best about the characters or the happenings or the ending?” “Did the story remind you of any story or of things that have happened to you?”


    -Ask the child to retell the story in his/her own words.



    Suggestions offered by Reading Matters, Akron PA