• Elementary

    Elementary Information for Parents:

    Safe to School Calls - If your child is not in school and you have not called me or left a message on my voice mail I will be calling to confirm that you are aware your child is absent. Please call me at 315-649-2417 Ext 108 and leave a message any day your child will be absent. We still require a written excuse for each absence.

    Physicals - New York State requires a physical for entrance to PreK and Kindergarten, grades 1, 3, and 5 and new students. Dr. Gianfagna provides our student physicals at no charge however you may choose to take your child to your own physician. I will provide the physical form at your request.

    Screenings - Your child will have screenings done for vision, hearing, height and weight, near vision, color vision, muscle balance as required by New York State. If your child has a problem during any of the screenings, I will call you and send a referral form home to be completed by your child's physician. Next year BMI (body mass index) will be mandatory for grades K, 1,5 and new students. If you choose not to have your child's data included I will be sending home a form for you to sign to exclude your child's statistics in September. The report will not include any identifying information, just height, weight and BMI. 

    ***Please see attached documents for imunization requirments for your child's grade.***

    Immunization Requirements for Students in Pre-Kindergarten

    Immunization Requirements for Students in Kindergarten and Grades 1,2,3,4

    Immunization Requirements for Students in Grade 5