Working Papers

    The Counseling Office issues working papers for students aged 14 and older who are interested in pursuing local employment.  New York State law requires students to obtain these cards in order to be employed.

    Students who are aged 14 and 15: are required to obtain the blue working card. 

    Students who are aged 16 and 17: are required to obtain the green working card (students must get this new colored card if they had been previously issued the blue card).

    In order to be issued a working card, students must obtain the application form from the Counseling Office.  The student must complete specific sections of the form and have a parent signature.  When this form is completed, return it to the Counseling Office.  The Secretary will then type up the working card, which then needs to be signed in the presence of a school official, and have a school official sign the card for the student.  This card must then be submitted to your employer, who will keep it on file.  If you change jobs, be sure to get the card back so that you can bring it to your new employer.