Math Class Overview

Overview of Math Class


    When we are back to school...

    Middle school math sets the foundation for success in algebra, and middle school is a place to develop good habits for success later on.

    Habits and routines used in math class:

    1) As students walk into the room, they are to

    • get ready for class (drink, bathroom, sharpen pencil, pick up passed out papers
    • open their math notebooks to the homework assignment
    • get out planners/copy assignment

    2) Class follows a typical format of

    • Launch
    • New learning
    • Summary

    3) Assigned work consists of

    • Daily practice assignments.  These assignments “spiral review” so students are continuing to practice math they have already learned throughout the year.  Students are to check their answers and fix their errors if they make them.
    • iReady minute target: every student is given a minute target of the week of 45-60 minutes to work on individualized lessons on this online platform.

    4) Student learning is assessed in class by

    • 1-2 quizzes/tests per unit to test students’ depth of understanding of each unit (graded)
    • There diagnostic assessments per year, used to inform differentiation of learning activities and assignments (not graded)
    • Daily exit tickets to check for understanding of each lesson, used to drive intervention needs (not graded)