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    Please see below for an important message from the Pre-K-5 Classroom teachers. Also, check out the school website frequenly throughout this closure.  

    I have signed up all my Math students for Happy Numbers app and all of my K-2 Students ave access to ABCMouse now.


    If you did not get the Water Safari Reading Challenge paperwork with your child's materials please contact me at 



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     March 16, 2020

    Dear PreK-2nd Grade Families,


    As you’ve heard, Lyme Central School will unfortunately be closed for several weeks.  


    Following are some strategies families can use to maintain children’s learning at home. These are not mandatory, nor will they be graded. However, using these at home may help with retention of existing skills and provide opportunities for at-home enrichment.


    • We’ve prepared a review packet with several weeks of materials.  We understand that this may not be perfect, but please use it as it works for you.
    • Two wonderful academic websites are i-Ready.com and KidsA-Z.com/main/login.  These sites provide reading and math resources that your child could work on each day from home. The children have used these at school and should remember their login information; if they don’t, please contact me and I will email it to you.
    • Local libraries are closed, but you will find hundreds of free books online at Epic.com.  
    • A great website for art education is ArtForKidsHub.com. 
    • Listen to great music of all kinds.  Dance in the kitchen. Sing in the shower.  Design and make your own instrument. Enjoy making music and memories with your family!  Students can engage with music and movement at GoNoodle.com.  


    While we recognize that being online quite often may be necessary if school is closed, we hope that you will minimize your child’s screen time spent on games and entertainment.  In addition to online educational resources please consider:


    • Reading books from your home collection
    • Having your child write a daily journal
    • Spending time outdoors in your yard
    • Practicing common math skills (counting, money, shapes, etc.)
    • Coloring and creating crafts (cardboard boxes are excellent blank canvases!)
    • Helping with chores
    • Cooking and applying math skills


    We feel as though we’re in uncharted territory, so we appreciate your patience while we find our footing!  Please email us with your questions and comments.


    Dear Grades 3-5 Families,


    We are taking this opportunity to reach out to you and assure you that we are here for you and your children. We are taking this one day at a time and wanted to provide you with some resources to help ease these next few weeks.

    We understand the difficulties that the next few weeks may bring.  Please know the following resources are for your child to try and establish some routine while they are out, these will not be graded assignments. 


    Suggested Online Resources and Suggested Time Frames:

    **Please note: chromebooks will be available to families, also username and passwords will be sent out to students who do not already have them.

    • iReady- login.iready.com 
      • 45 minutes per subject each week
    • Typing Club- typingclub.com
      • 30 minutes per week
    • ReflexMath- Reflexmath.com 
      • 3 green lights per week
    • Zearn- zearn.org
      • 3 lessons per week


    **Students: Please check Google Classroom

    **Parents: Please check or join Remind (directions will be sent out for this) 


    Please feel free to contact us with any concerns.  Please remember this is not to inundate you and we will be here to help you through this difficult time.


    ~The 3rd-5th Grade Team