Welcome to 4th Grade! 
    Please check out my Google site for this year. It will help you stay updated with important information and events.
    If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at kperkins@lymecsd.org


    • A Note to Families:
    • As we are all navigating through this historic time together, I want to reassure you, that the faculty at Lyme CSD are doing everything we can to support your child in these upcoming weeks. I know that there is a lot of uncertainty around everything, and we will keep taking one day at a time. Until school resumes, it will be important for students to try and keep some consistency with their education to the best of everyone's ability.
    • Below are some ways to continue to support your child at home until school resumes. Instead of focusing on moving ahead- the focus is to work on solidifying previously taught skills in ELA and Math. The resources and materials that are provided below are meant to be a review of essential skills that will help students resume instruction when school reopens. Many of the resources your child is familiar with, and there are also some new suggestions and programs to try.
    • I will be in communication with families each week via email like normal. I will do this on THURSDAYS, instead of Fridays. If you were a family that received a paper copy, I will be emailing you starting this week as well. Please continue to check my website weekly, Google Classroom ,and the Remind App to stay up to date and infromed on things to try and do. All students also are enrolled in Google Classroom, which can be a tool for us to keep in touch with, or for students to reach out if there are questions.
    • I know it may be hard to get started with I have also offered some incentives to keep students motivated and wanting to learn. Those incentives are below in the attachments.
    • I know families are all in different situations, but I wanted to at least provide families with ideas and materials that can be a starting point. I also encourage the fourth graders to use this time to be helpful at home, get some fresh air, read some books for fun, and take some time research or do things that you are interested in. You can find these ideas and resources listed below.
    • At any point, please feel free to reach out with me and I am happy to do what I can to continue to support your child during this time.
    • If there is something specific you would like further assistance or support for your child in, please let me know.
    • Thank you for your help, cooperation, and support during these times. Remember we are all in this together, and we will continue to make the best of this situation as a community . Be well!

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