• March 20, 2020


    Thanks for your patience while we at school find the way forward.  Most teachers of older students are setting up Google Classrooms to work with their students, but I think the easiest way for us to communicate is simply through email, as we have been.


    Beyond keeping the kids safe and healthy, my greatest fear is the backslide we may see in the students’ learning. When kids are out of school for long periods without ongoing practice (usually summer break), there is a very real regression.  I’ve seen kids leave kindergarten reading at a level D and enter first grade unable to test above a level A.  It’s depressing to see their gains lost, after watching how hard they worked.  I beg of you to please limit your child’s noninstructional screen time. If they aren’t doing educational work, please take away the tablets, turn off the televisions, or shut the Chrome books.


    I’m listing a lot of online academic work, but I think we all know that the best learning happens in person. If you have a book collection at home, please read from that.  If you don’t, then please think about other ways you can be your child’s teacher -- teach them the name of constellations, the names of different birds, how to make their own sandwich, or how tie their own shoes, for example.


    I will try to call or FaceTime each of you each week to check in and see how things are going. In the meantime, here’s a recommended daily list for your first grader:


    Daily to-do list:

    • Read a book independently (a paper book or one from GetEpic.com)
    • Do one i-Ready ELA lesson
    • Do one i-Ready Math lesson
    • Read one book on KidsA-Z.com and take the quiz afterward
    • Do one day in the review packet


    Some additional websites that may be helpful:


    Some folks in the community are now temporarily out of work and may need to ask for help for the first time.  If your family is short of food or personal care supplies, please contact the Lyme Food Pantry at 315-649-2424.


    I'll be calling each of you soon.  If you need anything, please email, text, or call anytime!


    -Peggy Brennen




    Blast off!