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     For the next few weeks, we will be reading and writing from home, and our teachers have worked very hard to provide families with the tools they need to bridge the gap for students and keep them from falling behind. Please know that your library is here to help as well. We have several eBooks that are available for loan, and students still have access to our database portal. You may find those items on the links on our home page. Teachers have been given passwords for the portal, but if students have trouble accessing them from home, please contact me by email, and I will gladly help them find what they need.

     There is also a link to the left called "Keep Learning from Home" that has a variety of sources for all students, grades PreK-12, for all content areas. Some of these links will need passwords, and classroom or content area teachers have those, or of course, you may contact me as well. This site will be updated every few days, so please keep checking back!

     I hope that you will all have a safe and healthy time together as a family, and that we will be back together at Lyme Central before we know it! Thank you for your support of our students.

Ms. Lydia Doolittle