Notice of Non-Discrimination

    Pursuant to federal laws including Title VI, Title IX, Section 504, Age Discrimination Act and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, as well as New York's Dignity for All Students Act, the name and contact information of the district's compliance coordinator is

    Patricia Gibbons, 315-649-2417

    The district does not discriminate on the actual or perceived race, color, weight, national origin, ethnic group, religion, religious practice, disability, sex, sexual orientation or gender (including gender identity and expression) in admissions, participation or employment. The grievance procedure to be followed if there has been a violation of the policy is policy #3420.


    Access to Student Records

    Under the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), parents and students over 18 years of age have the right to inspect and review their child's education records or to request the amendment of records believed to be inaccurate or misleading. Student records are private unless the parent or student older than 18 consents to disclosure of personally identifiable information. (FERPA authorizes disclosure of personal information without consent in limited circumstances.)

    Student Information (Directory Information)


    Also under FERPA, districts must provide notice to parents of the types of student information that it releases publicly without prior consent and offer them the chance to object in writing to the release of such information.

    So-called directory information may include, for example, name, ID number, address, telephone number, date and place of birth, major course of study, participation in school activities or sports, weight and height (if a member of an athletic team), dates of attendance, degrees and awards received, most recent school attended, grade level, photograph, email address and enrollment status.


    Student Privacy


    Under a federal law called the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment, districts must notify parents of their student privacy policy (policy #7250). Parents have the opportunity to opt their child out of participation in any survey that reveals information on certain types of personal behavior or political beliefs. Parents have the opportunity to exclude their child from any activities in which personal information will be gathered from students and used for marketing purposes.

    Disclosure to the Military

    Parents of high school students have a right, and the right of their child to request that the district not release the child's name, address and telephone number to military recruiters without prior written consent.