Hello everyone.

    Well, we're more than a week into our self-quarantine and social distancing adventure.  I hope everyone is being safe and healthy.

    Clearly it was time for me to update my website.  We're so used to using Google Classroom that I rarely come here myself.  I'll try to post updates as necessary, but I expect Google Classroom and my email at school (nabel@lymecsd.org) will be more helpful to most.

    For now, all my classes can continue their independent reading, i-ready, and vocabulary study.  I'll post messages, assignments, and activities in Google classroom, so we can keep in touch and so I can give feedback on whatever our students are working on.

    Please reach out to me with any questions and concerns as we navigate this online learning experience.  If you're attempting any homeschooling activity related to English and need specific questions answered, I'll be here. 

    Nathan Abel

    English Teacher, Lyme CSD