Welcome to the Lyme Central School Band Page!


    On this site, you will find numerous resources for at-home practice and opportunities to learn more about music!

    Below are the details sent home to students and families on March 18!

    If you have questions, please e-mail Mr. Spacher at sspacher@lymecsd.org 

    Beginner Band (Grades 4-5)

    • Observe your fingering chart on the back cover of your method book.
    • Read through the first few pages of your method book about how to proper set-up, store, clean, and play your instrument.
    • Pages 4-10 of your method book will provide you with an excellent starting point of practicing.  The different color boxes at the top of each page describe what the different symbols are!
    • Interactive Practice Studio (IPS) information is on the inside of the back cover of your method book!

    Middle School Band (Grades 5-7)

    • Continue to work on your daily warm-up & techniques sheet! (Break that long-tone record!)
    • Chorale in E-flat, explore all parts (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass)
    • You may continue to practice our band music from the Copenhagen Concert.
    • Practice any solos for the NYSSMA Festival

    High School Band (Grades 8-12)

    • Continue practicing your scales on the scale sheet.
    • Practice all parts (SATB) for both the chorale in B-flat major and g-minor.
    • You may continue to practice our band music from the Copenhagen Concert
    • Practice any solos for the NYSSMA Festival


    Music Literacy Opportunities:


    Sight Reading Factory (SRF) is a website that allows students to practice reading new music right on the spot.  Reading music at sight is the essential skill needed for students to quickly learn and perform new music presented to them in lessons and band.  SRF is offering FREE STUDENT ACCOUNTS at this time. It is highly encouraged that all students take advantage of this offer and spend some time exploring this just a few minutes each day!




    Music Knowledge Opportunities:


    Music Theory is the way we understand patterns and functions of music.  At musictheory.net, you will have the opportunity to explore music theory for free through tutorials, lessons, and exercises!




    Music Creating Opportunities:


    Music notation software allows people to compose music similar to how Microsoft Word allows people to write on computers.  Noteflight is an online music notation software with some of its features free to students.  Spend some time exploring the world of composition!




    Music Discovery & Sharing Opportunities:


    Streaming music through Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, and similar services is easy.  Use this time to discover new music that you haven’t heard before and organize them into playlists!  Here are some suggestions:


    Music in Band

    Music outside of Band

    Music I have performed before

    Music I listen to with my friends

    Music I’ve wanted to perform for a while

    Music I listen to by myself

    Music I discovered that I want to perform

    Music I listen to exercising or playing sports