Mrs. Hyde, Art Teacher


    COVID 19 Closure Update

    I have Google Classrooms set up for my Grades 6-12 classes (Studio Art, Art 8, Art 6, Drawing and Painting). All students enrolled in my classes have joined the Google Classroom and have access to assignments and communications.


    For my elementary students, I encourage them to create art in whatever way they can. Click here for my suggestions and links.







    WELCOME!  Click on COURSES on the left for specific class or yearbook information.


    I hope for every student to succeed in the art class and to make good choices while in my room.  Below are expectations that I have set for my students.  We review these expectations throughout the year as needed.






    1. Be respectful...

    • to the teacher.
    • to classmates.
    • to yourself.
    • of the art room.
    • of the materials and supplies.

    2. Be responsible...

    • Be on time.
    • Be helpful.
    • Be safe.
    • Come ready to work.
    • Clean up after yourself.
    3. Try your BEST!