Weekly Schedule of Student Work (subject to slight daily changes)

    6th Grade

    Monday 1/25- Egyptian Mummies/ King Tut

    Tuesday 1/26- King Tut

    Thursday 1/28- King Tut/Building the Great Pyramid Video

    7th Grade

    Monday 1/25- Midterm- Biography of two people

    Tuesday 1/26- Midterm- Biography of two people

    Thursday 1/28- Midterm Presentations/ Late work

    9th Grade Day A

    Monday 1/25- Enduring Issues Essay #4 Midterm

    Tuesday 1/26- Enduring Issues Essay #4 Midterm

    Thursday 1/28- Crusades

    9th Grade Day B

    Wednesday 1/27- Enduring Issues #4 Midterm

    Friday 1/29- Enduring Issues Essay #4 Midterm

    10th Grade

    Wednesday 1/27- Enduring Issues Essay #3- Human Rights Violations

    Friday 1/29- Treaty of Versailles documents and Post WWI slideshow


    Mr. Daniel Lawson