Cammy Morrison
  • A Message from the Superintendent…

    August 30, 2022


    Dear Family and Friends of LCS,



    It is with great pleasure that I WELCOME all of you to the Lyme Central School District for the 2022-2023 school year, and for the first time in our District’s history, as a LYME LAKER!  As always, the beginning of each new school year provides opportunities for reflective change, inspired beginnings and fresh starts, and this year, WOW, there are opportunities galore!  We are beyond excited that our first day of school is fast approaching.  On September 6, 2022…our hallways will once again be teeming with students, and our classrooms will be bustling with the sights and sounds of interactive learning and stimulating instruction.  I am confident that as we fully open our campus to the many activities, events and ceremonies we all enjoy, and have missed over the past few years, you, our families and students, will feel an abundance of positive energy, and a revitalized excitement for the year ahead!  Our staff has worked diligently this summer to ensure our building, grounds, classrooms and offices are ready for your pending arrival in about one short week.  We look forward to seeing you soon!


    As we all look ahead to the opportunities of the 2022-23 school year, I invite you to embrace the many changes we are experiencing at LCS, by demonstrating your patience and support for the enthusiastic and dynamic (new) administrative team,  in addition to greeting several capable and eager new members to our faculty, staff and Board of Education.  I’m sure it’s safe to say that, like me, you are anxious to experience a renewed commitment toward district-wide teamwork and comradery.  We can all choose to approach this year of optimal change with a positive mindset, supportive actions, and caring and respectful interactions.  Regardless of your specific role in our District, as a parent, some other member of a student’s family, or as a tax payer or community member, you may rest assured that you matter to the success of our organization, and it will take each of us, and our collaborative efforts, to make our school district the very best it can be for our students.  Together, we will make the 2022-2023 school year amazing


    Without question, all LCS district stakeholders can and should be very proud of what we have, together, accomplished in the name of safety, service and instruction for our children. In that regard, this year will be no different.  Our work continues.  While many things have changed, our devotion to ensuring a safe and meaningful educational experience for all students remains the same.  Over the summer we have worked to install additional security cameras in and around our facility.  Self-locking door handles have been ordered for every classroom, and office in the building.  All faculty and staff members will participate in safety training throughout the year utilizing security plans, which are updated annually.  Various emergency drills will be conducted and procedures for students and staff will be practiced and discussed throughout the school year as well.  It still holds true that it is our combined contributions and sense of devotion to our students that make Lyme Central such a great place to work and learn, and it is the support of our families and community that makes our partnership at LCS so very special!


    We, at LCS, very much appreciate the partnership we enjoy with our parents and guardians.  Creating a positive, productive learning environment for our students remains a priority for us all and therefore, we must keep in mind how our actions and comments as adults both in or about our school, in the community and/or on social media impact our cooperative efforts.  This is true now, perhaps more than ever.  Our new administrative team is excited to work closely with our students and families, so please feel free to contact a member of our team should you have questions or concerns at any time throughout the school year! It remains important that we continue to work together as part of the LCS community in order to guarantee that our conversations and actions consistently convey patience, compassion, and respect for ALL students, families, faculty and staff.  We should all settle for nothing less.


    At this time, please allow me to take this opportunity to formally WELCOME the following individuals to our LYME family: 


    Miss Emily Johnson—Instrumental Music

    Miss Tiffany LaVancha—School Counselor

    Miss Alexandria Patnode—Elementary Teacher

    Miss Tabitha Viera—Typist (Main Office)

    Mr. Troy Darrah—Science (LTS)

    Miss Mackenzie Goutremout—Teaching Assistant


    Additionally, I’d like to share that we have a few staff members with new offices, different classrooms or in different roles.  This year, along with welcoming new families and students, and staff to our building, we are also very excited to welcome two new administrators to LCS!  We are pleased to have Mr. Christopher Marshall—PK-12 Principal/AD and Mrs. Deborah Wilkinson—Curriculum & Data Coordinator join our team!  As such, we have also taken this opportunity to restructure and clarify duties and responsibilities, not only for our administrative team, but also for the individuals who offer clerical support for our entire district.  We are utilizing the expertise of two of our most senior support staff members, Mrs. Tammy McIntosh and Mrs. Chris Rickett to bridge some identified gaps, and provide coverage when and where it is specifically needed by the District, for students and families.  


    Mrs. Chris Rickett will thankfully take on the challenging task of securing substitute coverage for the entire district.  This job has grown increasingly difficult as the number of available substitutes in all departments continues to decline.  Additionally, Mrs. Rickett will serve as an aide in classrooms, providing much needed encouragement, hands-on assistance and instructional support, partnering with teachers in some of our larger classroom settings.  While over the past few years Mrs. Rickett has served our families primarily in the Welcome Center. It was determined that, given her previous years of experience as a classroom aide, this year, having another individual providing direct student support, along with our teachers, would benefit our students greatly and help to address some of the learning gaps we will likely continue to see as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We very much appreciate having someone with Mrs. Rickett’s experience working so closely with our teachers and students!


    Likewise, Mrs. Tammy McIntosh, an experienced member of our clerical staff, has moved offices. I’m pleased to share that Mrs. McIntosh will now be the person to greet and welcome all visitors, students and staff to our building! Mrs. McIntosh is a long-time community member and, like Mrs. Rickett, given her experience and active involvement in our district, is invaluable to our team.  Due to her knowledge of, and connections with, our students and their families, she will now serve our stakeholders from her office in the Welcome Center.  Without question, the safety of our students and staff remains our number one priority.  Therefore, we are grateful to have one of our most experienced staff members observing the security cameras, monitoring entrances/exits, and attentively watching to ensure our students and staff are able to safely enter and exit the building.  In addition, while Mrs. McIntosh will no longer work directly with the District’s Athletic Director, she will instead answer and forward incoming calls, perform clerical duties and provide much needed support for the Transportation Director, by serving as a direct contact for bus drivers.  There is, in my opinion, no other staff member so accurately equipped to take the reins from Mrs. Rickett.  Please be sure to thank Mrs. Rickett and Mrs. McIntosh for their dedicated service!


    Yes, a new school year is an opportunity for any number of new beginnings.  It offers a chance for personal and professional reflection. It’s an opportunity to embrace new ideas while preserving those traditions that set our school apart from the rest.  It is a time to clearly demonstrate that we embrace and truly understand what it means to be a fully inclusive, caring and supportive learning environment for our students, their families, and each other.  It is our collective actions and positive attitudes that will propel us toward realizing our LCS mission, Preparing Today’s Students to be Tomorrow’s Citizens. 


    I look forward to seeing all of you at the Open House on Thursday, September 1st, from 5:00 PM -6:00 PM! Enjoy the final days of your summer…stay safe and be well!


    Warmest Regards,