Student Registration

All incoming public or non‐public school students planning to attend Lyme Central School, or requesting non‐public school transportation or books, must register.

Please contact the school registrar to set up an appointment to register your child(ren). 

Registrar: Tina Kimmis
Phone: (315) 649-2417 option 2
Fax: (315) 649-2812


Residency forms are described below, Lyme Central School only registers students residing within the school district boundaries. The parent/ guardian/ caregiver is required to submit at least one of the forms below with your registration documents.

Form A: If you are a homeowner, you must submit Form A and one proof of ownership (deed, tax bill, mortgage statement, utility bill, cable bill, etc.)

Form B: If you are a renter and have a lease/rental agreement, you must submit a Notarized Statement of Residency (Form B) with a lease/rental agreement. Your landlord must complete Form A.

Form C: If you reside in the home of a district resident but do not pay rent or have utility bills in your name at the residence, then you must complete Form C. Your landlord must complete Form A.

Form D: If you are in the process of purchasing a home within the district, you may submit a signed Intent to Purchase Home (Form D) with your purchase contract which must have a closing date within 30 days. Within 30 days following the purchase, you are required to submit Form A with the accompanying proofs/documents.

Form E, Form F, Form F1: These are alternative forms of documentation to establish residency, including sworn statements from a parent/guardian/person(s) in parental relationship and alternative documentation to establish or show residency in the district

Ways to show a child's age

  • Certified Birth Certificate (from any country)
  • Baptismal record (from any country)
  • A Passport (from any country)

If you don’t have a Birth Certificate, baptismal record, or passport, you can use other documents if you’ve had them for at least two years, such as:

  • Driver’s license
  • State or governmental ID
  • School photo ID with date of birth
  • Consulate ID card
  • Hospital or health records
  • Military dependent ID card
  • Other documents from federal/state/local agencies (examples: Department of Social Services, Office of Refugee Resettlement)
  • Court orders
  • Native American tribal document
  • Records from international aid agencies or voluntary agencies
  • Current Immunization Record
  • Health Physical - Must be completed within the last 12 months


You (the parent, guardian, or caregiver) have to show that the youth is living with you and that you have total and permanent custody and control. To do this, you can show the school district:

  • proof of custody or guardianship OR
  • an affidavit (written statement signed under oath) saying that you have “total  and permanent custody and control” over the child - District Form F and F1 OR
  • other proof such as documentation that the child has been placed with a sponsor by a federal agency. 

Restrictions of Contact Information

The District may release your student to their other parent/ guardian unless the District is provided with a valid court order or other legally binding instrument that restricts the other parent/ guardian's authority to have the child released to them.

The District does not have the authority or power to independently gather court orders or other legally binding instruments that affect the custody of your child. It is the parent's responsiblility to provide the District with the most recent court order or other legally binding instrument that affects the custody of your child. This responsiblity includes giving the school a copy of updated court orders or other legally binding instruments that affects the custody of your child.

IEP or other education plans from previous school