District Data Security and Privacy Policies


Although the Lyme Central School District (the District) recognizes the value of the internet  as an educational tool, it also understands that information with no redeeming social value is accessible through the internet. The District has developed and will enforce this Internet Safety Policy in compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and the Neighborhood Children’s Internet Protection Act (NCIPA). In addition, the School District maintains its “Access to Networked Information Resources Policy” which governs the acceptable use of the Internet by students and employees.


Lyme Central School District recognizes the value of computer and other electronic resources to improve student learning to enhance the administration and operation of its schools. To this end, the Board of Education encourages the responsible use of computers; computer networks, including the Internet; and other electronic resources in support of the mission and goals of the Lyme Central School District.

6410 - Staff Use of Computerized Information Resources

The Board of Education will provide staff with access to various computerized information resources through the District's computer system (DCS hereafter) consisting of software, hardware, computer networks, wireless networks/access and electronic communication systems. This may include access to electronic mail, so-called "on-line services" and the "Internet." It may also include the opportunity for staff to have independent access to the DCS from their home or other remote locations, and/or to access the DCS from their personal devices. All use of the DCS and the wireless network, including independent use off school premises and use on personal devices, shall be subject to this policy and accompanying regulations.

5304.1 - NYS Security Breach Reporting Form

A copy of the New York State Security Breach Reporting Form.

7316 - Student Electronic Device Policy

If a student grade Kindergarten through 12 is seen with a personal electronic device, other than those provided by the District, during the school day it will be brought to the office.